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Calculate on connection (Read 3587 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Calculate on connection
06.12.10 at 14:40:46
Calculate on connection
When connect to the database all results are disappeared and only "#VALUE: is shown.

I chose to let SQL*XL recalculate the formulas when connecting to a database with the view that you want to reflect what is in the current database. However I can also think of scenario's where you don't want this to happen. I added a property to change this default behavior. Use the folling code to not calculate after establishing a connection:
SQLXL.Database.CalculateOnConnection = False
If anyone needs to change the default behavior I can cast it into a program setting as well. Just let me know if that is required by anyone.
The new property will be incorporated in SQL*XL 5.0.5.
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