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Oscillator strength (Read 2927 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Oscillator strength
25.11.10 at 21:15:32
Oscillator strength
When a atom or molecule absorbs light it can undergo a transition from one quantum state to another. The oscillator strength is a dimensionless quantity to express the strength of a transition.
The oscillator strength f12 of a transition from a lower state |1m1> to an upper state |2m2> may be defined by:
f12 = c(E1-E2)∑m2α|<1m1|Rα|2m2>|  
c = a constant
E1 = the energy of state 1m1
E2 = the energy of state 2m2
m2 = the sum over all degenerate states 2m2
α = the sum over α=x,y,z
Rα = Rx,Ry,Rz  
Rx = ∑Ni=1 Rx = the sum of all the x coordinates of the N atoms in the system.
The oscillator strength is related to the transition dipole moment:
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