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encOffice file types and business rules (Read 2933 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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encOffice file types and business rules
08.10.10 at 16:21:09
encOffice file types and business rules
I am assuming the encOffice can encrypt all office files. What about TXT, or other file types?

Also does this software allow you to set any business rules on the file that is encrypted. An example of rule disable save function so users can not save the file in an unencrypted format, or to allow the file to be opened by only specific people.

encOffice can encrypt Excel and Word files. TXT files and other files are not MS Office files and they cannot be encrypted as such. You can convert them to Word or Excel format and encrypt them in that way using encOffice.
The encOffice software does not have further business rules with regards to the use of the encrypted file. The recipient of the file can view the file only if they are supplied with the password. That is the only business rule.
If further business rules are needed I suggest you look at the ExcelLock software. Only available for Excel files. It will also allow the encryption of files but it goes one step further. Only viewing is allowed by the recipient. All other functions are blocked. There is no way that formulas can be viewed for example.
Please review both programs:
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