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My SQLXL link diappeared after killing Excel (Read 4794 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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My SQLXL link diappeared after killing Excel
18.08.10 at 07:31:15
My SQLXL link diappeared after killing Excel
I have an issue with an insert and killed Excel via task manager. My SQLXL link diappeared. I unistalled and reinstalled 3 times. Read the forums on the ribbon and did the manual regedit to insert the dll. Still nothing. Have gone over the security in Excell and tried 3-4 changes and nothing seems to impact. When I try to start SQLXL from its executable, it seems to attempt to start but then just opens Excel without the menu for SQLXL. Any thoughts beyond what I have seen on the support site?

It is likely it got listed in the disabled addins list. Please go to the Excel options and go to the trust center. Please remove it from the list of disabled items.  
In Excel 2007:  
You click on the cute little MS icon for the office tool.  
At the bottom is a button with Excel Options. That produces a management screen with Add-ins as one of the listings.  
Click on it. It will then display all the Active as well as Disabled Application Add-ins which is at the bottom of the list.  
At the very bottom of the window there is a Manage: with a drop down.  
One of the values in the dd is Disabled Items.  
You then click go and it will open yet another management screen with the disabled add-in listed.  
Click on it and the Enable button will activate.  
Close it up and you are done.  
That was it.

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