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vmware and windows 7 networking (Read 5511 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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vmware and windows 7 networking
04.08.10 at 22:54:19
vmware and windows 7 networking
There are problems when networking windows 7 on and/or in vmware. For years I am running vmware workstation 5.5 on windows XP host systems with various guest systems such as win98, winXP, win2000, winNT. All of these setups work fine using bridged networks in vmware. However with windows 7 it is different. I have not been able to setup get bridged networking. After a few days of trying I have found the following solution. It uses the host only networking in vmware and internet connection sharing.
After this procedure I can browse the internet, ping any home IP address but I cannot use their server names. Possibly a secondary DNS server should be setup somewhere...
windows 7 x64 host
vmware workstation 5.5
windows 7 x64 guest
1. Run the Virtual Network Editor as Administrator (Use RunAS or right click and Run as Administrator on vmnetcfg.exe)
2. Goto Host Virtual Adapters and remove all VMNet instances (VMNet1 and VMNet8 typically).
3. Click Apply.
4. Add New and Assign it the new adapter to VMnet1.
5. Click Apply.
6. Select the Host Virtual Networking tab.
7. Click the > next to VMnet1 and change the address and subnet to the ICS network ( /
8. Click Apply.
9. Go to the NAT tab and select VMNet1.
10. Click Edit and change the Gateway to the ICS gateway IP (
11. Click Apply and restart the NAT service. (Counter-intuitive, I know.)
12. Go to the DHCP tab.
13. Add VMNet1 and remove all others.
14. Click Apply.
15. Select Properties of VMNet1 in DHCP Tab.
16. Enter a Start and End Address for DHCP Scope ( to as an example)
17. Adjust client lease to a few days to avoid potential DHCP client renewal timeouts.
18. Click OK / Click Apply.
19. Select Host Only Networking for every VM that needs NAT out to your host network/internet.
20. Enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the Windows 7 Host network card that provides connectivity. Select VMNet1 as the network card that needs access.
Services on the guest that are required to be set:
    * DNS Client service started and on automatic
    * SSDP Discovery service started and on automatic
    * UPnP Device Host service started and on automatic
    * Function Discovery Resource Publication service started and on automatic
The IP6 functionality must be unchecked on the network adapter.
Source: uild-7100/
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