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SQL*XL remains in Excel menubar (Read 6808 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL*XL remains in Excel menubar
04.08.10 at 11:23:23
SQL*XL remains in Excel menubar

I uninstalled the sql-xl with the windows "software" but the meue item sql-xl remain in the excel menuebar. how do I get rid of it there ?

This can happen occasionally but it is easy to fix.
Excel versions before 2007:

  • The easiest is to reinstall the software first and then to use the uninstall from Excel option in the SQL*XL about dialog. Then uninstall again from the Control Panel.
  • You can also manually remove SQL*XL from Excel by customising the toolbar.
    Select the SQL*XL toolbar and press the delete button
    Select the main Excel worksheet toolbar and press the reset button
  • SQL*XL should not be listed in the list of addins to load. If it is in the list, uncheck it or remove it.

Excel versions 2007 and higher:
The SQL*XL part that is integrated into the Excel ribbon is coded in the file litsqlxlribbon.dll. When you remove this file (it is only used by SQL*XL) it will not appear anymore in Excel.  
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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Re: SQL*XL remains in Excel menubar
Reply #1 - 22.06.11 at 18:17:55
Sir i also just bought SQL*XL it is very good in all things. i like it more then sql server 2005 that i had before also access but there are also many problems in that. i read all information about it that you gave in this forum and i apply that. it is really very helpful.
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