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SQL script (Read 3265 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL script
02.08.10 at 13:59:54
SQL script
I have a 800+ line SQL script that I’ve been trying to get to run in SQLXL (in 32-bit Office on a Windows 7 32-bit PC). The script will execute without error when I run it from my SQL editor (Oracle SQL Developer).  But, when I copy/paste it into the SQLXL code window, nearly every line errors out.  I’ve tried pasting the code directly into a spreadsheet and telling SQLXL to run it from there instead of from an editor, but I get the same thing – nearly every line errors out.  All these error messages from SQLXL appear to be citing a syntax error, but no line numbers are given, so I don’t know which line the SQLXL error is referring to.

[SQL script was privately sent]

I have tried your script and it runs ok for me. I also get errors on each statement because the database objects your SQL refers to is not created in my test database.  
I do get the point that when you run many statements at once (you are running 95 statements in one go) that it is nice to see which statement is in error. For this I have added an SQL error dialog that shows the full error message, the full SQL text and the index number of the statement in the script. I have also added an abort script to be able to abort the execution of the script. These features will be released in SQL*XL 4.3.26.
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