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Ensembles (Read 2588 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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28.06.10 at 11:40:50
An ensemble is a large number of replica's of a system, e.g. all configurations calculated in a simulation. It is a collection of possibly accessible states of the system.
There are 3 common types of ensembles:
  • (E,V,N): Microcanonical ensemble  
    Constant energy E, volume V and number of particles N
  • (T,V,N) Canonical ensemble  
    The system is allowed to exchange heat with the environment but at a constant temperature T, volume V and number of particles N.
  • (T,P,N) Isothermal-isobaric ensemble  
    Constant temperature T, pressure P and number of particles N
  • Grand canonical ensemble
    The system can exchange both heat and particles with the environment, at fixed temperature, volume, and chemical potential.

Ensembles can be transformed to each other through a Legendre transformation.  
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