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ComSniff usage (Read 2633 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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ComSniff usage
15.06.10 at 10:15:59
ComSniff usage
With the ComPort tab selected I entered Com1 in the ComPort box and selected
Connect. Next I selected the Send tab and typed a short message, then
clicked on Send. Next I selected the Receive tab and no message was
present. Does that mean my Com1 port is not working? Or did I not use the
right procedure? Your "Help" tabs did not have any meaningful information.
A short instruction sheet would help those of us not skilled in Software
101. Thanks.

I agree that a short tutorial may be handy.  
In your experiment the problem is that you send and receive from COM1. That is of course not possible. How are your cables connnected?  
Usually you connect the com port on pc1 with a com port on pc2. You run commsnif on both computers. Sending on pc1 can be received by pc2.  
So in general you run the program only to send or to receive. If you do the experiment on 1 pc then start the program 2 times. Use one to connect to the com port to listen for data and use the second program to send. You must use different com ports and connect them with a cable.  
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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