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Insulator (Read 3583 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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30.05.10 at 21:19:34
An insulator is a material that does not conduct electricity.
There  are various mechanisms to make systems insulating even if the band theory predicts a metallic state:

  • Mott insulator
    in the case of a half filled band.
    Mott insulator
    Mott transition
  • Charge ordered state (CO)  
    in the case of commensurate fillings of the band.
  • Peierls insulators  
    causing the bond alternation in  one-dimensional  (1D)  systems  such  as  in  polyacetylenes,  (CH)x,  which  are  the  special case  of instability due to the nesting of Fermi surface.
    The geometry of the Fermi surface is an important factor; its nesting leads to charge-density-wave (CDW) or spin-density-wave (SDW) states, but the resultant state is not always an insulator unless when  the  system  is  purely  1D.
  • Anderson localisation  
    due to disorder conceivable in any degree of band filling.

see also:
Band isolator
Band theory
2004 chem. rev. Seo, et al.
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