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Chemical potential (Read 2481 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Chemical potential
30.05.10 at 12:02:52
Chemical potential
The chemical potential of a thermodynamic system is the amount by which the energy of the system would change if an additional particle were introduced, with the entropy and volume held fixed.
If a system contains more than one species of particle, there is a separate chemical potential associated with each species.
The chemical potential of the i-th species is defined as:
μi = (δU/δNi)S,V,Ni≠j
In semi-conductor theory, the chemical potential of a system of electrons is also called the Fermi level
[ref:  Kittel, Charles; Herbert Kroemer (1980-01-15). Thermal Physics (2nd Edition). W. H. Freeman. p. 357. ISBN 978-0716710882.]
The chemical potential is equal to the molar Gibbs free energy.
Ref: Chemical Thermodynamics, Ott, Boerio-Goates

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