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Automatically refresh queries (Read 2965 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Automatically refresh queries
28.04.10 at 10:19:44
Automatically refresh queries
I guess the other part is how I could refresh the cells without having to
touch each one. If you have any thoughts I'd appreciate it. Again, we're
pretty much there, the only thing is how do I make it easier for the user.

You are using the SQLQueryValue function to retrieve the data into the spreadsheet cells. When the workbook is opened I think the functions will be evaluated automatically if there is a connection. After establishing a connection the functions should also refresh.
You can manually refresh the formulas by using the force calculation of all formulas option from SQL*XL's function menu. You can automate this by recording a macro and you can add this code to your connection macro if required.

See also:

Connection macro
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