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Manual installation of encOffice (Read 2927 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Manual installation of encOffice
19.04.10 at 21:04:18
Manual installation of encOffice
This topic describes how to install / uninstall encOffice manually. It is recommended however that you use the encOffice installer and the encOffice uninstaller. Proceeding is at your own risk.
Manual Installation:

  • All the files you need are in the .exe file
  • Start the installer. When the blue screen is displayed and the welcome message is displayed, switch to windows explorer.
  • In the address bar in windows explorer (if not displayed, see view - toolbars) type: %temp%
  • Your temporary files directory will be shown. If it contains a lot of files you may decide to cancel this proces and to empty this directory first.
  • The .exe installer has created a directory called ~sfxNNNNNNNNN where the N's stand for a number. Open the directory and open the file
  • Select all files select copy
  • In another directory, paste the files
  • Register all dll and ocx files into the registry using the windows regsvr32 utility:
         regsvr32 dllname.dll
  • run the welcome.exe program.
  • Now open Excel (or Word) and the LIT registration manager will show. Enter your registration key
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