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litLIB: Added ShowPicture function (Read 3860 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litLIB: Added ShowPicture function
07.04.10 at 13:55:55
litLIB: Added ShowPicture function
The ShowPicture function was added to the litLIB functions library for Excel.  
ShowPicture displays an image from a file or from a website into a shape that is placed on top of the cell. A demonstration spreadsheet was created and attached to this topic so you can experiment with this function yourself.
The ShowPicture function is very easy to use. Simply type: =ShowPicture( "c:\myimage.png") to show the myimage.png file in the Excel cell.  
Another example.  

You can also use a url as a source for the image. Most browsers show a copy location menu when an image is right clicked. Simply use that as a parameter. For example =ShowPicture("") shows the google logo.
Another example:

A few exciting things can be done with the ShowPicture function as not only static images can be shown, dynamic images also work fine. For example you can show a stock chart from Yahoo:
=ShowPicture(";range=1d/image;size= 239x110")

There also exist graphing facilities that you can use. The following graph was created using a php script call:

The ShowPicture function will be released in litLIB version 2.0.7
See also:
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