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SQLQueryValue shows #Value (Read 2886 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQLQueryValue shows #Value
06.04.10 at 16:25:55
SQLQueryValue shows #Value if field length is more than 256
I had as string value to query from MySQL database. The langth of the
result string is is over 256 characters. In the result cell only the
first 256 chars are displayed.
Does there exist a parameter to fit this problem?

* I use Excel 2003 SP3
* when I select substr(...,255) I will see up to 255 chars, but as soon
as the result gets over 255 chars, the cell shows "#Wert" (may be
"#value" in englisch version).
* length(...) returns 277 in my case of select

A 'normal' query executed from the sql dialog works fine and displays fields correctly even when they contain more than 256 characters. Through the SQLQueryValue function it returns #Value. This is a microsoft Excel restriction unfortunately.
What you can do is to use a substr expression in the query to only return at maximum 256 characters from the field.
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