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Clearing data in adjecent column (Read 3210 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Clearing data in adjecent column
15.03.10 at 10:44:43
Clearing data in adjecent column
I currently have a SQl query pulling 4 columns of data with multiple rows.

I am pulling this data into excel and I have a formula in the 5th column
that is subtracting the 4th column from the 3rd column.
When I am importing this data, for some reason it is making that 5th column
blank and removing that formula even though no data is being put there.

Any ideas on why it might do this?

SQL*XL needs to clear previous results. The next time you can query a different number of columns or rows so it blanks evrything in a contiguous range of cells.  
SQL*XL will only blank cells when requerying. SQL*XL will use the following technique to determine the cell range to clear. Select the top left cell. Hold shift and ctrl and press the right arrow and down arrow. SQL*XL needs to do thiswhen you want to requery. Having old data to remain on the sheet is very annoying.
  • Uncheck the option to save the sql in the comment (or manually remove the comment). Without the comment SQL*XL will not requery.
  • Make a blank column to separate it from other data.  
  • Use the sqlqueryvalue formula instead.  
  • Put your formula to the left of the data instead.  
  • Use a dump area and transport all values using formulas to a different prt of the workbook where you create layout.  

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