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setting up a secure ssh connection (Read 2613 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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setting up a secure ssh connection
03.03.10 at 15:59:33
setting up a secure ssh connection
To setup a secure SSH connection between two computers you can save the RSA public key on the target system. This removes the need to continually login on the remote host.
First on the source system generate the private and public RSA keys using the ssh-keygen command. This will generate the public and private RSA keys. The private key should be kept in the .shh folder in the user's home folder.
ssh-keygen -t rsa
Note that on some systems -t rsa does not seem to work. Just use ssh-keygen.
On the target machine add the public RSA key to the file authorized_keys file in the .ssh directory. If the file is not there, create a new file. Copying of this key file is quite prone to errors. I suggest you copy the public key file and then append it (e.g. using cat) to the authorized_keys file.
Now a connection can be established from source to target without supplying a password.
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