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Connecting to DBF files from VB (Read 3578 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Connecting to DBF files from VB
24.02.10 at 12:18:15
Connecting to DBF files from VB
If I connect via SQL-XL Sql dialog Windows. I can connect the dbf files. But When I want to connect with VB, I can’t. What can I do ?

I have tried this and cannot find any problem with it. I recorded a macro while connecting to the DBF files and running a simpel query.
Perhaps you can check the code I generated and see where your code differs from mine. It should be as simpel as recording a macro to create the database connection. Also in VB.
Note that in SQL*XL 5.2 the syntax changed slightly. The ConnectionType parameter became read only and instead the ConnectionType is passed as a parameter to the Connect routine. For further information see:

Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Macro recorded 24/02/2010 by gjlinker

    SQLXL.Database.ConnectionType = litSQLXLADO
    SQLXL.Database.Connect UserName:="", PassWord:="", DBAlias:="dbf_test (\\server\share\dbf_test)", ConnectionString:="Provider=MSDASQL.1;Extended Properties=""DBQ=\\server\share\dbf_test;DefaultDir=\\server\share;Driver={Microsoft dBASE Driver (*.dbf)};DriverId=277;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=600;""", AllowTransactions:=True
    SQLXL.Sql.setText "select count(*) from a"
    Set SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1).Target = SQLXL.Targets(litExcel)
    SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1).OptimiseForLargeQuery = False
    With SQLXL.Targets(litExcel)
	  .AutoFilter = False
	  .AutoFit = True
	  .Headings = True
	  .Sort = False
	  .StartFromCell = "$A$2"
	  .Transpose = False
	  .SQLInNote = True
	  .ShowNote = True
	  .FormatData = True
	  .FreezePanes = False
	  .PasteInsert = False
    End With
    With SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1)
	  .ShowParametersDlg = False
	  .ShowResultsetDlg = False
    End With
End Sub

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