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litSQLXLRibbon Exception (Read 3922 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litSQLXLRibbon Exception
13.01.10 at 21:06:21
litSQLXLRibbon Exception
When I try to start SQL XL 4 from the startup menu it gives me this litSQLXLRibbon Exception:

"File sqlxl_ui.xml not found. Please reinstall the software."

I already reinstalled it and tried to copy the file to everywhere, even WINDOWS/systems32 directory.
Do you know what is going on or where it is searching for the file in this particular case?

What should happen is this. In the SQL*XL installation directory there should be the file litsqlxlribbon.dll. It expects a subdirectory named ribbon/xml that contains the file sqlxl_ui.xml.
If you have copied the litsqlxl.dll file to other places on your machine you may have confused things. Then the best thing to do is to remove all extra copies and to re-register the litsqlxlribbon.dll by running:
regsvr32 litsqlxlribbon.dll
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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