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Ferroelectricity (Read 2409 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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31.12.09 at 22:00:29
Dielectric polarisation is the linear polarisation of a material by an external electric field. Most materials exhibit dielectric polarisation.
Paraelectric materials exhibit a non-linear polarisation by an external electric field.
The electric permittivity corresponds to the slope of the polarization curve P(E) where P is the polarisation and E is the external field.
In addition to being nonlinear, ferroelectric materials demonstrate a spontaneous (zero field) polarization. Such materials are generally called pyroelectrics.  
The distinguishing feature of ferroelectrics is that the direction of the spontaneous polarization can be reversed by an applied electric field, yielding a hysteresis loop.
Wikipedia - Ferroelectricity
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