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litLIB demo: historical stock data in Excel (Read 4053 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litLIB demo: historical stock data in Excel
17.12.09 at 13:28:09
litLIB demo: historical stock data in Excel
To retrieve historical stock data into Excel you can use litLIB's WebPage and , SplitText and csv functions using the data source at MSN. If you don't have litLIB installed yet, get it from here:
The spreadsheet file was attached to this message so you can try this out yourself too!
Use the =WebPage function to retrieve the web page that includes the MSN historical data. The url to use is at and includes a few parameters: the symbol, the start month and year and the end month and year. The parameter names are respectively Symbol, C1, C6, C7 and C8.  
I have setup my spreadsheet with the symbol in B3, the from month in D3, the from year in E3, the end month in G3 and the end year in H3. The function call becomes:
=webpage(" ad=&C9=0&Symbol=" & B3 & "&C1=" & D3 &"&C6=" & E3 & "&C7=" & G3 & "&C8=" & H3)
For Microsoft (ticker MSFT) it returns the following data:

"""Copyright 2009 Thomson Reuters.""
""Quotes supplied by Interactive Data Real-Time Services.""
""Stock price data provided by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Quotes delayed 20 minutes.""
Microsoft Corp (MSFT)
Daily prices

Note that the first few lines do not contain the data (hence the csv function could not be used directly).
The first task is to use the SplitText function to split the lines at the end. I used the following formula to achieve this:
=splittext(B5,CHAR(13) & CHAR(10))
Applying this array formula I selected one column and a range of rows. Then I typed the formula (B5 contains the result of the webpage function) and pressed Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
Now we can simply use the csv function to split only those values that contain the csv data. I entered as an array formula in 6 horizontal cells the formula:
This nicely split the csv data into individual cells.
The resulting spreadsheet looks like this:
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