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Trappable Excel errors (Read 3496 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Trappable Excel errors
13.12.09 at 11:01:11
Trappable Excel errors
These are the trappable errors in Excel. To create an error code make a variable of type variant and assign the error by converting the number value to an error type using the CVErr function:
Dim vnt as Variant
vnt = CVErr(xlErrDiv0)
Error code Value Error              
xlErrDiv0 2007 [#DIV/0!]      
xlErrNA       2042 [#N/A]              
xlErrName 2029 [#NAME?]        
xlErrNull      2000 [#NULL!]              
xlErrNum 2036 [#NUM!]              
xlErrRef       2023 [#REF!]            
xlErrValue 2015 [#VALUE!]
Error Trapping with Visual Basic for Applications
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