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Making a Value lookup (Read 2948 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Making a Value lookup
08.12.09 at 11:04:43
Making a Value lookup
My requirement is as below:
There is a table S_LST_OF_VAL which has two columns NAME and VALUE.

Now i have data in the excel sheet ( test.xls)
where there are 3 columns A, B, C
In column 'A' of the excel sheet we have the data which is same as that of the NAME column of S_LST_OF_VAL table,
what i need to do is for the values in column A, I need to look up in the S_LST_OF_VAL table and get the corresponding VALUE
from the table into the excel sheet.

Hope that makes it clear in regard with what i want to achieve.

Yes, that is clear! What you want is easy to achieve through the use of the SQLQueryValue function.
Suppose your spreadsheet looks like this:
A1: one
A2: two
A3: three
A4: four
And suppose your table translates them into a numerical. If you want the result to be displayed in column B then type in B1 the following formula:
B1: =SQLQueryValue("select value from S_LST_OF_VAL where name = '" & A1 & "'" )
Note there is a little work with the single quotes in the formula. Basically I am wrapping the value in A1 in single quotes.
If you enter the formula in B1 you should see the value 1 displayed immediately.  
Now copy B1 and paste it to B2 to B4. You will see that the formula automatically adjusts.
The table now looks like this:
         A         B
1       one       1
2       two       2
3      three     3
4      four       4
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