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litLIB: TextBetween usage (Read 2352 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litLIB: TextBetween usage
04.12.09 at 09:15:05
litLIB: TextBetween usage

Using the WebPage function I retrieve the source of an HTML file.
A1: =WebPage("")

I would like to extract some text from this web page starting at the second occurrence of the <li> tag. The copying should stop at the </li> tag. As you can see the function copies more. Why does it not stop at the </li> tag?

Results in:
"10920&nbsp;-&nbsp;Hello World</li> <li>46380&nbsp;-&nbsp;Something else"

It should have stopped copying at </li>. Why does it continue?

You should have used: =TextBetween($A$1,"<li>","</li>",2,1)
Note that I have used a 1 as the last parameter. You want to stop after finding the first occurence of </li>. You used a 2 here. It will stop at the second occurrence of </li> after finding the search string. So the counting is performed after finding the search string (<li> in your case).
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