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vb6 and lost references (Read 2809 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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vb6 and lost references
14.11.09 at 14:33:25
vb6 and lost references
In classic VB, VB6, references to other OLE objects can get lost. It is a real pain. You need to use the references dialog to add them again, but which one was it?...
I found that you can edit the .vbp file to add them manually.
For example referencing Office 2007 I added a reference to mso.dll. However I also want to use this when I am using Office 2003. True, the 2007 functionality won't work but it is still nice if the project compiles, right? So, I renamed mso.dll to mso12.dll and put it in the project directory. I added the following reference in the .vbp:
Please note that I removed all information after the last #. If you keep this VB6 will recognise the dll and mess it up again.
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