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Machine requirements, FAQ, etc (Read 3082 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Machine requirements, FAQ, etc
09.11.09 at 10:43:13
Machine requirements, FAQ, etc
Can you please provide us with complementary information like: minimum Machine requirements, troubleshooting steps, FAQ, etc.

Machine requirements:
No specific requirements regarding CPU, memory or disk.  
Excel needs to run comfortably. It is recommended to have sufficient memory so no virtual memory is used while the software runs. SQL*XL consumes more memory when more data is processed. The large memory option puts a halt to that but also limits some features. If no problems are observed use the default options. As a bare minimum I would say: 50MB free memory a few hundred MB free memory recommended.
SQL*XL can run on Excel2000, 20002 (XP, 2003, 2007
Troubleshooting & FAQ:
I collect all questions and answers at our forum:  
The google search at the top can be used to search the forum and site for relevant information.
SQL*XL has a help site:
For difficult support cases you can review the event log. In the following topic it is described how to view the event viewer and how to send it in to us for inspection:
Troubleshooting is also facilitated through our automated error reporting system.
If you haven't seen it yet, that is good! No errors.
We identify 2 types of errors in SQL*XL.
1. Expected errors. They are handled with error messages.  
2. Unexpected errors. The automated error reporting system kicks in and submits the precise location of the error and the error details to us.  
This is done through a html page on the user's PC that is built by the software in such a situation. This happens locally on the computer.
If the user wants to send the error to us the submit button can be pressed to send the information to us over the internet.
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