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Bechgaard salts (Read 3153 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Bechgaard salts
17.09.09 at 22:16:41
Bechgaard salts
Bechgaard Salt are organic charge-transfer complexes that exhibit superconductivity at low temperatures . They are named after the scientist Klaus Bechgaard who was synthesized them and demonstrate their superconductivity.  
Bechgaard salts:
(TMTSF)2X With X=BF4, ReO4, ClO4, IO4, PF6, AsF6, SbF6, etc
TMTSF = Tetramethyltetraselenafulvalene
Most Bechgaard Salts are superconductors at extremely low temperatures, and lose superconductivity above the 1-2 K range, although the most successful compound in this class superconducts up to almost 12 K.
All Bechgaard Salts are formed using a small, planar organic molecule as an electron donor, with any of a number of electron acceptors.
All the organic electron donors contain multiple conjugated heterocycles that are planar, have a low ionization potential and good orbital overlap between heteroatoms in neighboring donor molecules.  
These properties help the final salt conduct electrons by shuttling them through the orbital vacancies left in the donor molecules.
All Bechgaard Salts have a variation on a single tetrathiafulvalene motif - different superconductors have been made with appendages to the motif, or using a tetraselenafulvalene center instead (which is a related compound, but all bear this general structural similarity.
There are a wide range of other organic superconductors including many other charge-transfer complexes.  
Fabre salts are like Bechgaards salts but are based on TMTTF.
See also:
Bechgaard salt
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