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Protect algorithm in Excel file (Read 2875 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Protect algorithm in Excel file
07.09.09 at 14:28:59
Protect algorithm in Excel file
We have a calculation program on a CDROM which we want to distribute to our customers. The file contains calculations that are needed by our customers to arrive at the currect product choice. We would like not to do this from our website but through an Excel file.

In this Excel-file there are protected and unprotected fields. In the unprotected fields the user is supposed to enter numbers. The Excel file then produces the product choice as a result.

We would like to to prevent the whole thing to be hacked and cracked and that someone will distribute a "changed" version.

Can you provide a solution?

It is the algorithm in your Excel file that you want to protect. Currently it is probably implemented in Excel formulas. We could remove the formulas and implement the logic in a dll. You can then use calls in your Excel file to that dll. A hacker can see which fields are sent tot the dll but they cannot see how you compute the result.
Is this something you want to discuss further?
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