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Bytes retrieved from CLOB
07.09.09 at 14:13:06
Bytes retrieved from CLOB
CLOB handling in the SQL*XL software is improved. When querying CLOB data into Excel the values were truncated to 100 bytes. This has now been made variable through the long variable. Standard this is set to 80 but by running the set command this value can be changed:
The following command, which is executable through the SQL screen just as ordinary SQL commands, will set the long variable to 1000. After setting long to 1000 all queries that return CLOB or long values will return 1000 bytes.
set long 1000;
You can mix the set long xxx; command with your SQL. For example the following set of commands will execute a first select statement using a long value of 100 and a second select statement using a long value of 200:
set long 100;
select * from my_long_test;
set long 200;
select * from my_clob_test;
This feature is available from SQL*XL 4.3.17
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