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PL/SQL export into Excel (Read 2634 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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PL/SQL export into Excel
12.08.09 at 14:10:57
PL/SQL export into Excel
I have a Question. Currently we are writting our queries with PL/SQL and exporting data into Excel. I would like to automize the proces, linking the sql directly into Excel. However I would still like to use the PL/SQL software to write the queries. The only way I have found to import the already existing .slq code into SQL XL was throu your SQL editor (then file->open-> *.sql) which imports the sql code into the editor. However I would like to link the .sql file to the Excel, so that if I change the .sql query via PL/SQL, I do not have to change the sql query in SQL editor as well (or open the new .sql file again). Is that possible?

You can save your sql in a .sql file (just plain text) and let SQL*XL execute all sql in that file with the execute command or @ command. It should work just as in SQL*Plus, that is the intention.  
There is also the option to record the execution with a macro and setup a button or menu item to run it.  
Finally you could use the refcursor output parameter to your plsql procedure and let SQL*XL display the rows returned from that.
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