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litLIB: PageNumber (Read 2639 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litLIB: PageNumber
22.07.09 at 08:38:33
litLIB: PageNumber
I have four rows at the top of the sheet that I want repeated on each page and want the page number on each page (without putting it into a header or footer).

I can do it if I put it in the header and format the header so that it appears in the right spot on the rows I have repeated but this gets quite tedious, especially for multiple documents (that already exist so I can't set up a template and use that).

This is easily achieved by using the Pagenumber function.  
The pagenumber function takes a cell address as parameter. The outcome is the page number o which this cell is displayed. You are allowed to enter the cell itself.  
You can insert page breaks in Excel to create the pages you need. Use the PageNumber function in one of your 4 cells and copy them to each page.  
Note that when you insert page breaks the function will it automatically recalculate. Enter the cell with F2 and press enter to recalculate.
I don't want to copy my header rows to each page, I only want to use the
"Rows to repeat at top" function and enter the page number into one cell but
I want it to change on each page.

I cannot keep inserting the header rows on each page as every time I insert
a row or the bottom row gets pushed off the page I am going to have to keep
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