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Web services (Read 5659 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Web services
14.04.09 at 22:35:01
Web services
A software component implemented in a programming language that can be called in a standard way.  
Implementation in any language. The message is transmitted as XML.
Interface: WSDL file (contract). Only one configuration file (WSDL file) is needed.
WSDL: Web Service Definition Language. WSDL file uses one or more XML files to describe the domain.
Transport: SOAP/HTTP. HTTP is the underlying protocol.
SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
see http:///
UDDI: Universal Discovery Description and Integration
Webservices can be called from the Oracle database through UTL_HTTP or UTL_DBWS.
HTL_HTTP: sends HTTP messages. Using htl_http all SOAP functionality can be used since SOAP is designed on top of HTTP. Fast. All or nothing security.
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