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SQL*XL Setup: System files out of date (Read 4865 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL*XL Setup: System files out of date
10.04.09 at 10:51:59
SQL*XL Setup: System files out of date
After downloading, unzipping your file, and clicking on 'setup.exe' I received a message saying that the installation cannot continue because some of my system files are out of date. I was offered the option to allow setup to update my system files but both I and our IT person here are uncomfortable with doing that. We're worried any changes to my "system" files could cause problems with other programs on my computer. I cancelled the installation.

I'm running W2000 Professional with SP4. Have you had any other users tell you about this? Any suggestions?

It may do that if it needs to update a dll that is currently in use by the computer. You may try it again after a clean reboot.  
I have not heard from other users that this is a problem. Actually I am using this installer for years now only adding an occasional file. Recently I added the file tabctl32.ocx I think.  
There is a forum topic in which I have listed all the dlls and other files. You can also see it by viewing the setup.lst file which you find in the zip file. There are 2 lists of file names followed by a string of details. It will tell you which files and versions are attempted to be installed.  
One of the files is mdac-typ.exe which upgrades your MDAC part of windows. This is a windows update that cannot be undone.  
If you want to proceed without affecting your windows please do this:
Open the .cab file and place all files into a new directory. Run the following command for each file that matches the following patters: lit*.dll and for the file litrefedit.ocx.  
Regsvr32 filename
Then double click sqlxl.xla. If you get problems you may also need to register tabctl32.ocx. I needed to do that on a particular system.  
Undoing the instal is simpel. Run the command regsvr32 /u filename for all files and remove the new directory.  
It should be perfectly possible to install SQL*XL as described above. The installer I use is the unmodified installer from Microsoft VB. The install scripts and procedures are then automatically as recomended by Microsoft. That does not mean your IT guy is incorrect being careful.  
If you need further information let me know.  
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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Re: SQL*XL Setup: System files out of date
Reply #1 - 29.06.09 at 03:48:43
Thanks for your posts. They are really very cool, very wonderful cry.
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