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Macro Recording not capturing SQL*Xl (Read 4228 times)
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Macro Recording not capturing SQL*Xl
04.02.09 at 20:26:12
I am using SQL*XL with Excel 2007.   I start recording a macro (for example to connect to the db).  The macro recorder
is capturing all keystrokes except the ones in the SQL*XL menu.   As a result it does not work.
Trying other macros (example select * from somedata)  don't work either.  The macro records but the relavant SQL*XL  
statements don't get captured
Why is this?
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Re: Macro Recording not capturing SQL*Xl
Reply #1 - 04.02.09 at 21:50:37
Have you enabled the macro recorder? It is a setting in the program preferences.  
Open the SQL*XL menu. Choose program perference and find the preference Macro recorder. It is in the general section I believe. Set it to Enabled. Apply the change. You need to restart Excel before the change takes effect.
It is clever to record the SQL*XL API statement with the macro recorder. You do not need to write much code and in addition SQL*XL will automatically add a reference to itself in the workbook.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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