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Automatically extract customer information (Read 2649 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Automatically extract customer information
01.02.09 at 22:08:59
Automatically extract customer information to Excel
I am looking for some software/ excell plugin that will allow me to access and display data stored on my works database.

I have limited skills with databases and I am an intermediate skilled excel user. Would your software be suitable for what I would like to do?

I need to setup a sheet that automatically extracts customer information inputs for that days business. I have a sheet that I copy for each day's business and we manually input the data that is viewed by another program which takes valuable time.

Yes, the SQL*XL Universal software can be used for this.
Basically you install SQL*XL and launch it for the first time so it can install into Excel. Next, everytime you start Excel the SQL*XL toolbar will be visible.
Use SQL*XL's connection wizard to try to make a connection to your database. You need to know which database type it is (Oracle, SQL Server, ....), the username and password and perhaps some other details.
When you managed to make a connection try to extract the data using the SQL dialog.
When you manage to do what you like to do manually you can automate the process.
The easiest is to record a macro for the process. Simply start Excel's macro recorder and run through the process manually. Then stop the macro recorder and save the workbook. What you now have is a macro workbook that is linked to SQL*XL. When you open this workbook the next time you can just run the macro to get the customer information. You can even automate this process by calling the macro when the workbook opens.
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