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SQL Server 2008 (Read 3403 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL Server 2008
01.02.09 at 19:42:13
SQL Server 2008
From Excel you can connect to SQL Server 2008 using SQL*XL. In this topic we will explain how to do this. Actually it is very simpel to do using SQL*XL's connection wizard.
To test connetions from Excel to SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Express was downloaded and tried out. See the following link for further information about Microsoft SQL Server Express:
We need to know a few details before attempting to make a connection. The most important ones are the server name, in my case vm-sql2008xp and the database name. The database can be found in the Microsoft SQL Server Management studio. In my case it is vm-sql2008xp\sqlexpress
To connext Excel to SQL Server 2008 using SQL*XL you need to go to the connection screen by pressing the connection button on the SQL*XL toolbar or using the SQL*XL menu. The connection history dialogs shows. Press the New connection button to make a new connection. Then press the Connection Wizard button to start the connection wizard. It will try a number of different drivers and settings.
In the connection wizard select the SQL Server database type. Then enter the following information: username, password, database and server. I used:
username: sa
password: mypassword
database: vm-sql2008xp\sqlexpress
server: vm-sql2008xp
In the next screen the database connections will be tried. In total 8 connections will be attempted using different drivers and settings.
Simply select a successful connection and connect to the database.
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