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Connection button is disabled (Read 4179 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Connection button is disabled
26.01.09 at 11:34:02
Connection button is disabled
In this topic I will put the discussion I had with a customer that found the connection button on the toolbar disabled. It turned out to be that the digital certificate had expired. SQL*XL is digitally signed to allow it to work in Excel. Get the latest version of the software when you get this problem or contact me for help.
How I can add new connection because it is disable in my Excel sheet.
In Excel 2007 the  ‘ database connection’  is disabled. How I can enable it and add database connections.

I believe you can get this problem if the file sqlxl.xla is not started. Please use file/open to open this file.  

Actually when I start the software I am getting the following error message:

Title: litSQLXLRibbon Exception
There is a problem with macro security settings. Please install the Thawte root certificat as provided in the start menu. Then start the program again and choose to enable macros.
Error reported by Excel: Cannot run the macro 'sqlxl.xla!getToolbar'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled

This explains it. Although the menu shows the software is disabled. The thawte root certificate was not added.
Upon installation SQL*XL has installed a link in your start menu to view the Thawte root certificate. Start it and press the install button. It will install the certificate. Now SQL*XL can work.
After updating thawte root certificate, still message is same even I shutdown and restart the machine.

Did you install the certificate? When you view the certificate there is an import or installation wizard. Walk through the wizard allowing it to automatically select and install the digital certificate. The process ends with a message that the import is complete.  
Then SQL*XL needs to start by opening the file sqlxl.xla. Once it has done that Excel will remember where to get it when it starts up in the future.  
Please use file/open to open sqlxl.xla again.  
After run the procedure, import is complete message appearing but see the below as well and connection is disabled until now.

Viewing the digital certificate information for the Linker IT Software B.V. certificate:
A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or the timestamp in the signed file.

The certificate has expired or is not yet valid

Thank you for sending this information as it explains why you cannot get it working. The certificiate with which my software is signed has expired. Expiry date is 14/4/2008. You have probably reinstalled from a distribution you have downloaded some time ago from the website.
What I recommend to do is the following:
- Fully uninstall the SQL*XL software. When it asks to remove unused shared components, answer Yes.
- I will provide the current version.
- Unzip the file and install this version.
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