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Openoffice Base (Read 3061 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Openoffice Base
05.01.09 at 09:24:23
Openoffice Base
Openoffice Base is the Open Office equivalent for MS Access. Open office can be downloaded (free) from
I have not been able to find a way to connect to Openoffice's Base through ODBC or OLEDB. I did read some suggestions to try the ODBC - JDBC gateway and use a JDBC driver but I have not tried that.
This is a summary of what I have read about Openoffice Base:

  • Base maintains its files in an Open Document Format: a zipped bunched of XML files and attachements.
  • ODF is used for the reports, forms, etc.  
  • The database itself is stored inside the ODF container as a binary attachment
  • The D/B engine is the Java based database HSQL
  • The D/Bs binary format is the native HSQL format.
  • Manipulating an ODB database involves unzipping the entire D/B, manipulating it then zipping it up again to save it.

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