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MySQL stored procedures (Read 3688 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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MySQL stored procedures
04.01.09 at 12:56:39
Call MySQL stored procedures
From MySQL version 5 stored procedures can be used in a database. The stored procedures as run using the call statement. Support for the CALL statement was added in SQL*XL version 4.3.12.
call stored_proc_name();
Stored procedures can be created and deleted using the create procedure and drop procedure commands. These commands were already supported.
As a simple example I have used a procedure to display hello world. The first command will drop any existing mysqlproc procedure. The second statement creates the procedure and the third command executes the stored procedure leading to the words hello world being output to Excel. Of course, once the procedure is created you can just run the call statement.
drop procedure mysqlproc;
create procedure mysqlproc() select 'hello world';
call mysqlproc();

MySQL stored procedures
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