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SQL to... (Read 2609 times)
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SQL to...
15.12.08 at 20:04:00
SQL to...
SQL is the command language to interact with databases. SQL can be used to retrieve data and to copy it. In this article I will describe various techniques in which you can use SQL to copy or transfer data. The SQL select command is used to run a so called query to retrieve data from a database - any database. Different targets can be used to send the output to.
SQL to Excel sheet
To copy database data to an Excel sheet you can use the SQL*XL software. Simply enter the SQL select statement into the SQL dialog of SQL*XL and the data flows into Excel. SQL*XL has the special to clause of the SQL to make it easier to send data to a specific location on the sheet.  
select * from emp to Sheet3!D12;
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SQL*XL: SQL Excel software

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SQL to MS Office: Excel, Word, Outlook
Output targets we call these destinations in SQL*XL. After entering the select statement in the SQL dialog you can select different output targets. You can send the data to Excel but also to Word or Outlook.  
SQL to file: XML, CSV, PDF
There are a few other output options available in SQL*XL to receive a more pure copy of the data. XML is an open format where the data is saved in a structured way. It can be used easily for further transformations for example into web pages and other formats. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. In these files the data fields are saved separated by a comma. Alternatively you can set your own choice of separator actually (tab, semi-colon, etc). PDF is also available as output target and offers a plain text output of the data the SQL retrieves.
SQL to other databases
To copy the output of a select query to other databases you need to retrieve it first in Excel and then insert it into another database. Using this technique in SQL*XL you first run a query in the source database to retrieve the data. Then you receive the data into Excel where you can optionally modify/fix some of the data. Then connect to the target database and use the multiple rows insert dialog to insert the data.
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