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SQL*XL Oracle best client (Read 3307 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL*XL Oracle best client
12.12.08 at 20:56:57
SQL*XL Oracle best client
Sorry, I have browsed your forum but I was unable to find the "best" answer to my problem:

I would like to install a minimal database driver driver in my clients, so they can connect to the Oracle 10g database and call "SQLXL.SQLFunction" through my excel add-in.
I think Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O): <>  would be a good solution but it seems to have a lot of unnecessary? sw.

What is the minimal driver installation you recommend for my purpose?

If the machine on which you like to run has no Oracle client the Oracle Instant Client is a good option. A very minimal set of files is needed some 5MB or so I recall. Database connections go through an ODBC driver essentially. It works fine!
If the machine already has an Oracle client you should be already have everything you need to connect. As standard windows (MDAC) has a microsoft OLE DB and ODBC driver for Oracle. In addition the Oracle home will add the Oracle versions of these drivers. In short you should therefore have 4 drivers to connect.  
Use the SQL*XL connection wizard to try them. You start this wizard at the new connections screen in SQL*XL.  
If you like you can use OO4O as a driver. It is a big download, 75MB or so? SQL*XL works very we'll with OO4O but there is no real need to use it as the alternative OLE DB and ODBC drivers are good as well.  
Note that OO4O is the only option available in SQL*XL Standard for historical reasons. SQL*XL Universal is the fully enabled software that can use all the options mentioned above.  
Hope this helps!
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