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Export SQL data   (Read 2478 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Export SQL data  
03.12.08 at 17:40:17
Export SQL data
To export database data you can use SQL. SQL stands for Simpel Query Language. It is an easy to learn language to export only that data from a database that you really need. Often a database stores a huge quantity of information and is only a small portion needed for analysis or other export purposes.
The syntax of SQL that you need to export or extract information from a database is the so called query or SQL select statement. The basic statement is very easy to understand but it can get more complicated when data needs to be extracted from multiple tables. The basic statement is:
select * from mytable
This would export all data from a table mytable.  
The information you need to export from a database is the database tables and the data within a table to export. Tools can help to browse the database tables and to build the SQL select statements. SQL*XL is such a tool. From within Excel it allows you to browse the database tables and build SQL. SQL*XL can run the SQL against the database and receive the results directly into the spreadsheet.
When extracting data from a database the export needs to be saved somewhere and in some file format. Usually text output is not the desired output as it cannot be used for further analysis. SQL*XL has several options to save exported data. By default SQL*XL saves the information in an Excel worksheet. For analysis this is usually the preferred environment. Optionally it can send output to csv, xml, pdf, word, outlook or even a Excel pivot table.
Why not give SQL*XL a try today.
SQL*XL: SQL Excel software

Download SQL*XL now!

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