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Is God pulling the strings? (Read 5882 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Is God pulling the strings?
30.11.08 at 00:01:37
Is God pulling the strings?
In the search of how things in the world work - particularly on the electronic/atomic scale - how would theological arguments hold?  
I read in my very limited research of theology material about the so called "Providence of God": God's creation of the world and his preservation of that creation. Is God in control of everything and all aspects of our daily life? Some believe this is true. If it is true then all behavior of matter is directly controlled by God. And since all behavior of matter is in the interaction of electrons it leads to the conclusion that God also controls things in the electronic domain.  
I find wavefunction descriptions of electrons certainly elegant and I find the notion in quantum theory that all observable properties of matter can be derived directly from the wavefunction descriptions of matter remarkable at least and a miracle at best. If one would call it miraculous it would open the route to religion. So is it the realm of religion or is it just the beauty of mathematical descriptions in quantum theory.
When you call all things unexplained by science a miracle, and if there is a onmipotent God then micracles can simply be seen as being God's actions and his direct interventions in the world. However this would lead to a to my opinion unsatisfactory "God fo the gaps". When we learn more in science, less and less can be attributed to God's direct interventions. This is unsatisfactory.
There is also the notion of primary and secondary causation in theology. In primary causation God created the world and he still controls everything in the world today. With primary causation you don't need a very old earth as God directly creates things even until today. In secondary causation the world and the elements were created by God to be left alone after the sixth day of creation to form more complex things lateron. Secondary causation would leave room for all we know in science including Darwin's theories, etc. However it would be again a "God of the gaps" and that is unsatisfactory.
Is there an answer to this? It is probably a matter of believing. There are certainly beautiful things. Whether to call it just beautiful or call it miraculous and assign a religious aspect to it I don't know. Is it best to apply religion to the spiritual things like interaction between people, friendship, etc, and to use scientific beliefs to material things?
The amazing providence of God:
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