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Dell mobile broadband 5520 Vodapohone minicard (Read 4269 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Dell mobile broadband 5520 Vodapohone minicard
14.10.08 at 20:45:02
Dell mobile broadband 5520 Vodapohone minicard
I recently purchased a dell D630 lattitude laptop which contains the dell mobile broadband 5520 Vodaphone minicard. Getting it to work proved impossible. My mistake is probably going with a different provider instead of fodaphone which according to the documentation is possible.
I purchased the laptop and prior to receiving it contacted Vodaphone to arrange the activation. It resulted in what appeared later to be an order of a modem + SIM card. When I received the laptop the Vodaphone stuff had not arrived yet. Modem was out of stock but that was something I didn't need actually. Just the SIM I needed. The laptop came with a Voda SIM so that seemed to be saving the day.  
Activing the SIM with Vodaphone proved impossible. I needed to provide official documentation from the chambre of commerce for all my companies and give that in person to someone who delivered the activated SIM card to my door. This was all to difficult to arrange especially as I had 1 week to get it all working. I needed the laptop + internet connection for my holiday. In desperation I called a local mobile phone specialist. He sold a KPN SIM card to me and all was working in 30 minutes. No calls to helpdesks or anything.
It worked fairly well with KPN for a week in which I did a few tests. UMTS was not always working but I live close to the German border and coverage is not everywhere that great. On holiday it started to go strange a bit. Switching to GPRS worked but switching back to UMTS did not work. I blamed my location in France, poor coverage and roaming. On return home I could not get the modem working again. I tried all of the following:
- rolling the system back to a point where it had all worked
- reinstalling the modem software
- upgrading the modem software
- I checked the KPN SIM card to work correctly by borrowing a KPN modem.
- I borrowed a Voda SIM to see whether it would work. I didn't
Dell support tells me that they do not support the hardware when it is used with another provider as Vodaphone. Nice! After testing all the above and relaying that tot he Dell support I was going to be called back... That was a week ago.
Yesterday I purchased a USB modem; they are expensive... Plugged in the KPN SIM card and it was working again! I must say that switching to GPRS got it all confused again. The profile settings seem to be much important.
All in all I am not too happy with Dell support, the Fodaphone SIM activation process and the hardware.
I forgot to mention I tried to locate the original hardware vendor's software and drivers. The software to use seems to be the Mobilink Suite and I tried several flavors of it. At best it confliced with the Dell drivers. At worst it failed to recognise the hardware completely.
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