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SQL in Excel (Read 2541 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL in Excel
28.09.08 at 11:33:14
SQL in Excel
Using SQL in Excel combines the power of Excel and databases. Through SQL (Simple Query Language) you can interact with databases directly from within Excel. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. The SQL*XL software combines the powerful SQL language to interact with large volumes of database data and makes that usable directly inside Excel. Excel is a great environment for doing analysis.
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SQL*XL: SQL Excel software

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Using SQL, large amounts of data in tables can be combined quickly and easily. SQL is not limited to data retrieval and can also be used to define and manipulate data and database objects. SQL*XL allows the following usage of databases in Excel. SQL can be run directly from Excel and the results flow directly into the spreadsheet. Excel data in turn can be posted into the database. The SQL insert statements needed are a little tedious to write. Instead SQL*XL offers a bulk insert feature where data is taken directly from the spreadsheet into the database, without programming a line of SQL code. If a new table is needed to receive the data, SQL*XL can create that too.
A final way in which SQL*XL allows you to use SQL in Excel is through formulas. You can bind a cell or a range of cells to a query output. Extending that the results of functions whether or not in packages can be shown in a cell.
When database data is retrieved in Excel it is easily analysed or combined/transformed. Excel formulas can work on the data for example or graphs can be based on the data.
To use SQL in Excel the SQL*XL software offers a convenient implementation. SQL*XL has been developed over 10 years ago and it supports nearly all Office versions and database versions. It can work through ODBC, OLEDB, OO4O, Jet,... and you can connect to almost any database or file for which there is a driver available.
More information:
SQL*XL software
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