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Is it a bug of SQLXL? (Read 3666 times)
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Is it a bug of SQLXL?
23.09.08 at 14:57:16
Help! I used SQLXL InsertMultipleRows and tried to export my excel data into oracle. All data were successful except one that was changed the value.
the original data value(in excel sheet) is 0.0762195121951219  but in Oracle was become 0.076219512195122.
the table field descript is NUMBER(31,26).
I also used the VBA like below:
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Sub InsertMultipleRows()
  SQLXL.InsertRecordset Table:="Authors", Columns:="Au_ID,Author,[Year Born]", DataRange:=Range("$A$6:$C$11"), PromptOnError:=False, SortToStatus:=True, CommitFrequency:=50, Orientation:=1, Silent:=True, Feedback:=True
End Sub
but it got same wrong. Who can tell me how to solve the problem? Is it a bug of SQLXL?
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Re: Is it a bug of SQLXL?
Reply #1 - 28.09.08 at 21:36:40
I cannot reproduce the problem. I have tested this with Oracle 8.1.7. I connected with MSDAORA and performed the following test:
create table test (a  number)
Used multiple rows insert to insert the value of 0.0762195121951219
Then I ran the query: select * from test
It returned the value 0.0762195121951219 just fine.
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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