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Reinstall problems (Read 3094 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Reinstall problems
17.09.08 at 09:50:52
Reinstall problems
Hi, Gerrit! I hope You're OK.
There is a problem and maybe You can help Me.
A month ago IT Department upgrade on my computer Office2000 to
Office2003 without discussion with Me. After that SQL*XL is not working.
Last version I use was 4.1.3. Now I see on your website V3.
I tried to uninstall SQL*XL and install again but steel SQL*XL cannot
find electronic signature and complain that license was expired. I tried
to install Twante Certificate from SQL*XL menu and it steel complain.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
What is my options?

When Office is upgraded the SQL*XL toolbar and menu do not automatically show up in the new Excel. For that to work you must once start SQL*XL from the start menu or by double clicking the file sqlxl.xla which you find in the SQL*XL program directory. That will open the new Excel and create the SQL*XL toolbar and menu inside of it.
You unfortunately reinstalled SQL*XL. Now the problem is that the digital signature that is attached to your version of SQL*XL has expired. The signature is required by Microsoft for SQL*XL to work within Excel. Without the signature you can only run on low security mode. A digital signature is only valid for a specific period, typically one or two years.
What you need now is an update of the software which includes the new and up to date digital signature.  
Because of these problems I always recommend users to enter into the maintenance program. Under the program you will receive a few product updates per year and it includes technical support as well.
The options you have is to do an ad-hoc upgrade of the software which is not free unfortunately. Apart from the new digital signature on the software you will also benefit from receiving a new version in which all problems with office 2003 are fixed. I recommend as well that you enter the maintenance scheme to keep the software current and to prevent problems in the future.
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