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litLIB demo: Cockpit spreadsheet (Read 4025 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litLIB demo: Cockpit spreadsheet
16.08.08 at 16:33:30
litLIB demo: Cockpit spreadsheet
To show how easy it is to make a cockpit spreadsheet I have created this topic and attached the demo spreadsheet: cockpit.xls.
I wanted to create a cockpit showing the current stock market indexes, the free space on my C drive and my PC's free memory.

To retrieve the infomation from a webpage the =Webpage function is used. On the site the main world indexes are found:
Using the string functions Instr and Mid I retrieve the value. Converting it to a number the ToDouble function was used.
To get the number of free bytes on the C drive the DiskFreeBytes function was used. The memory status was displayed using the MemoryTotal, MemoryFree and MomoryUsed functions.
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