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New SQL*Debug release (Read 4270 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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New SQL*Debug release
11.08.08 at 14:55:51
New SQL*Debug release
A new release of the SQL*Debug software was made available today. The old version did not cope well with large Oracle session id's. This problem was fixed in the new release. We took the opportunity to refresh the installer and rename the Oracle package which was still called OraDebug. The new name coincides with the tool name: SQLDebug.
The software was tested against Oracle 10g. To the installer for the database package a hint was added how to install the package in the sys scheme. Note that you can also install it in another central schema.
SQL Debug is a software utility to "capture" debug messages from PL/SQL programs. You can select a session to tune into and from then on the messages from that session only will be sent to the SQL*Debug front-end utility. When the utility is not running no messages are sent.
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