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Zolid Hi-speed DVD Maker (Read 9675 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Zolid Hi-speed DVD Maker
09.08.08 at 11:07:32
Zolid Hi-speed DVD Maker
I purchased the Zolid Hi-speed DVD Maker to convert Hi8 video tapes into digital movies.
The package consists of the Zolid Hi-speed DVD maker USB device, S-Video/AV/RCA cable, USB cable, scart converter, manual and CD with software and drivers.
Installation was very simpel. The unit worked first time. The license key for the ArcSoft Media converter software was a bit difficult to find. It can be found on the outside of the CD envelope.
I recorded a few movies. One with the MPEG format, one with MPEG2 and one in AVI. These are the three output formats available.  The software works very well.  
Viewing the movies I notice that the quality is not that good. MPEG and MPEG2 differ only slightly in quality with MPEG2 being slightly better. The best format is AVI but the files 4-5 times as large. Unfortunately I could not play back the AVI file through my mediaplayer. Converting the AVI to an MPEG4 movie using the ArcSoft Media converter rendered a very small sized video (from 64MB to 900kB) but the quality was dreadful.
To make this a useful tool for converting my Hi8 tapes I must find a way to convert the AVI into a high quality MPEG or AVI with DivX encoding.
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